Unfit for grocery stores?
We disagree.

Organic Lettuce

Yellow Squash
Some are crooked neck, some are straight neck

A little "too small," but we think they're cute

Wonky shapes and sizes

Teeny tiny. Snack on 'em raw or bake them with cinnamon and oats for an easy cobbler!

Farmer grew too many and needs help. Give 'em a squeeze - eat up when soft.

French Red Fingerling Potatoes
Funny shapes and sizes, with some scarring.

On the smaller side

Organic Celery Hearts
Slight discoloration. The perfect summertime snack!

Tuscan Cantaloupe
Little "sugar spots." Give it a sniff - if sweet and fragrant, it's ready to eat

Organic Grape Tomatoes
Surplus and sweet as can be

Organic Zucchini
Too large. Fire up the grill!

Organic Cucumbers
Oversized and misshapen! Perfect for summer salads.

Organic Bunched Broccoli
Surplus & large

Organic Pink Crisp Apples
Slight scarring, but we prefer to say "beauty marks"

Organic Mango
Surplus. Give 'em a squeeze. Eat up when soft.

Organic Green Seedless Grapes
Surplus and perfect for snacking

Organic Valencia Oranges
Scarred outer skin, fresh and juicy on the inside

Organic Pineapple
Surplus. Ready when it's firm & deep yellow-orange. Here's how to cut a pineapple in 4 easy steps!

Organic Santa Sweet Grape Tomatoes
Surplus and sweet as can be

Organic Green Bell Peppers


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Hungry Harvest is a produce delivery service on a mission to fight food waste and hunger in the U.S. We serve Baltimore, D.C., Philadelphia, and the surrounding areas such as Silver Spring, Alexandria, and Bethesda. Our service comprises of fresh fruit deliveries, vegetable deliveries, mixed fruit and vegetable deliveries, and organic produce deliveries. We pride ourselves on being fair, affordable, mission-driven, sustainable, and just plain awesome.

Our Harvest Heroes love that they can get fruits and vegetables delivered right to their home or office between Friday and Mondays. You can order your desired fresh fruit or vegetable box online, and depending on your preferences, you can receive a weekly food delivery or a bi-weekly food delivery. Because you receive a box of fruits and vegetables, you might think of us as a "delivery CSA." Shopping for fruits and vegetables online should be easy so feel free browse around our website and ask us any questions in the meantime.

Whether you heard about us from our feature on Shark Tank, from a friend who uses us, or a news article about ugly produce, we'd love for you to join our family.