The energy of doing things from the heart

- Lauren Arboleda, Food from the Heart


One of the things that I remember the most about my childhood was when my dad frequently told me how I should put 100% of me in everything I did. "If you are going to do something, then do it right!"

Since then I decided to try my best and give my all in everything I do. These teachings are the reason for the name Food from the Heart. Throughout the years, I realized that giving "my all" was not necessarily physical effort (hustling, going to bed late, long hours baking), but the good energy and cool vibes I transferred to whatever I was doing. I was determined to try to do everything from the heart. Not only did everything (even "chores") become more enjoyable, but the outcome was better! Like with cooking, everything turns out so yummy!

Photo: Food from the Heart

Photo: Food from the Heart

Now, I'm trying to master the energetic component of all things and actions in my life. For example, trying to buy more from local brands rather than buying from huge corporations. Apart from helping the local community, with local brands, I can almost feel the love transmitted from the products! This applies to food and cooking too!

It's not only the energetic component being transferred by the person cooking that makes a difference (think your mom cooking with all the love in the world, a full heart and warm soup to cure your cold), but also where your products come from.

That's why I love supporting companies that give back to people and take care of our beautiful planet like Hungry Harvest. They rescue produce that doesn't match grocery store’s description of "the perfect" fruit or veggie (different color, shape, size - "ugly produce") and deliver it to your door. At the same time, they donate produce to local hunger solving organizations. YESSSS! That's the type of cool energy I want in my veggies and fruits! (Same applies to animal proteins. That's why we go for "humanely raised" and "grass-fed" because that energy is also transferred to you.)

Photo: Food from the Heart

Photo: Food from the Heart

It feels so awesome to know that I am helping the planet while nourishing my family with yummy and healthy food from the heart! Once we have the food from the right source, we always want the best vibes and energy in our food while cooking. We don't cook when we’re angry. We play some music, have a sip of wine or comforting matcha, invite our family to help out and have a good time!

Lastly, and very, very, very important, we don't want to waste anything! My kitchen practices are almost zero waste because I believe that if we are given the blessing of having food on our table, we should make the most out of it. We don't want to ruin that awesome aura we’ve created by throwing food away. Freeze it, regrow it (scallions scraps, onion, celery etc), use it to flavor stocks and soups or throw into a smoothie or dip! I just have to organize myself a little bit and let my imagination fly!

Wanna join me? Let's start doing things from the heart and you'll see how everything changes. You just need a change of scope to start enjoying "chores" and everyday activities while making the most out of insignificant actions throughout the day. It’s all about energy … Not only the energy in you, but the energy of where things come from and where things are going!

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