Our mission is to democratize the food system, and ensure no produce is left behind. Every wholesale order helps generate donations to local hunger relief partners.


Hungry Harvest wholesale currently serves the Mid-Atlantic, New York, New Jersey, Miami, Texas, and Seattle by connecting the farmer and customer, delivering the best of recovered produce, cage free white shell eggs, and variety herbs to retail establishments, co-ops, restaurants, and institutions. 

Our seasonal fresh produce availability is based on our farmers’ surplus, or otherwise cosmetically imperfect crops that have been sorted out from that week's harvest.  These are the produce items that appear on our wholesale pricelist, which is updated weekly on Mondays in our online platform, BlueCart, where you can easily click together an order and send it off without the hassle of price negotiation, phone tag, or PO confirmations.  

After you place your order from the current pricelist, our wholesale team communicates our customers’ needs to our farmers, and your produce is literally harvested-to-order. Our warehouse team assembles individual customer orders shortly after harvest, and our fleet of refrigerated delivery vehicles ensure that your produce has been out of the ground the shortest possible time and kept at optimum temperature on its way to your kitchen, or shop. 

View our price list on BlueCart here.