6 Easy & Awesome Recipe Ideas for This Week's Harvest


Ready to get creative in the kitchen? Stuck in a meal prep rut? Or simply have no clue what to do with that one piece of produce? Check back here every week for links to the recipes we’re inspired to make with this week’s Harvest.

Here’s what we’ve got cookin’ at Hungry Harvest this week - what will you make with your box?


The Most Amazing Roasted Artichokes

Steaming is usually our preferred cooking method, but these roasted artichokes stuffed with garlic and herbs may have become our new favorite.

Find the recipe at: Gimme Some Oven


White Bean & Cucumber Salad

Great as a side dish or as an appetizer on toast, we love the boost the beans give to this salad.

Find the recipe at: Dianne’s Vegan Kitchen


Vegan Chai Plum Cake

I mean really, do we need to say more? How good does this cake sound?

Find the recipe at: Vanilla Crunnch


Almond, Banana & Passion Fruit Smoothie

If you can’t get past the texture of passion fruit - why not blend it up into a creamy, tropical treat?

Find the recipe at: Jamie Oliver


Butternut Squash Carbonara with Broccoli

Loaded with veggies, but still retains all of the flavor of traditional carbonara.

Find the recipe at: Eating Well


Sauteed Radishes with Spinach

A quick and easy way to use up leftover produce - who knew these two veggies would taste so good together?

Find the recipe at: Food Network


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Happy cooking & see you next week!

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