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5 Easy & Awesome Recipe Ideas for This Week's Harvest


Ready to get creative in the kitchen? Stuck in a meal prep rut? Or simply have no clue what to do with that one piece of produce? Check back here every week for links to the recipes we’re inspired to make with this week’s Harvest.

Here’s what we’ve got cookin’ at Hungry Harvest this week - what will you make with your box?


Who says it’s too cold to grill? We love this different take on how to cook bok choy.

Find the recipe at: Dishing Up The Dirt


The stew that went viral lives up to the hype. Easy to make and perfect on a cozy winter night.

Find the recipe at: NY Times


Spice up your breakfast or pair this side with your favorite protein.

Find the recipe at: Super Healthy Kids


Step aside avocado toast. For those special moments when you want a little something extra - make this - you won’t regret it.

Find the recipe at: Bon Appetit


This salad has all the flavors; crunchy cucumber, buttery avocado and juicy bright orange slices create a party for your tastebuds.

Find the recipe at: Heather Cristo


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Happy cooking & see you next week!

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