Our Harvests


We curate rescued fruits & veggies, pack 'em up & deliver to your doorstep. Our customizable boxes come in a variety of sizes so you can find the Harvest that's right for you!


Fruits & veggies are subject to change, but the sample harvests above are a representative peak at what our customers will receive this week!



Getting to Know Our Harvests


Our mission is to fight food waste & hunger. That's why we place a higher priority on rescuing fruits & veggies from going to waste than on where or how they're grown. That said, during the growing season in our regions (late spring through late fall), we primarily source from local farms. In the offseason, we expand our network to farms in warmer regions of the country.  Learn more about our sourcing strategy here!

If organic is your thing, we do offer organic harvests in all of our markets! While our other harvests are not 100% organic, they are consciously sourced. Many small farms use natural methods to grow their food, but simply can't afford to go through the USDA certification process. We don’t think they should be penalized for that, so we happily support them.

Our rescue efforts don't end with produce - we also partner with local bakers & makers to help reduce unnecessary waste & give back. We offer a variety of add ons, including fresh eggs, cheese, bread, coffee & more. We're always adding new delicious grocery items to our marketplace! To learn more about our rescue mission and how we save the food, check out our Rescued Produce page.


Customizing Your Harvest

We know choice is key when shopping, so we’ll always give you a heads up of what to expect in your box each week & the opportunity to modify it.  That way you can make it all your own by adjusting the mix of fruits & veggies & adding on specialty items like eggs, granola & coffee. Want some extra peaches but want to skip the eggplant? Not a problem. Need some extra avocados for a weekend shindig but have greens for days? We’ve got you covered. Not only does this give you more control over your harvest, but you'll also be contributing to our fight against food waste by making certain that you only get what you know you'll use. 


Signing Up For Your Harvest
Some Good-To-Knows


We're all about giving you loads of flexibility when you sign up for Harvest delivery - you can select weekly or bi-weekly deliveries at signup & you can switch delivery frequency at any time simply by logging in to your account & clicking Manage my Subscription. Once you've started receiving deliveries, if you ever find that you need a break, you can always place your account on hold - just log in and click Skip Deliveries. As you’re planning time away, keep in mind that your card on file will be billed at the end of your customization window prior to your weekly or bi-weekly delivery. Of course, while we hope you will never leave us, you can cancel your subscription anytime.