Our top priority is to make sure your fruits and veggies arrive fresh

Nothing makes us more sad than waste! We use recyclable packaging and sustainability is top of mind. Plus, Hungry Harvest boxes travel together in concentrated delivery routes, which minimizes fuel use and your carbon footprint. We’re always testing and finding the most sustainable and effective solutions.

To keep fighting food waste and hunger, we have to adhere to strict food safety guidelines. Unfortunately this means we cannot reuse the packaging ourselves, but read on for ways you can reuse and recycle!

A look inside our packaging


Cardboard boxes

Why? To hold your produce ;)
What’s it made of? Recycled paper, even the ink is food grade and non-toxic!
What do I do with it? Break it down and recycle it. The boxes are 100% curbside recyclable. Bonus points if you use the box to store your recycling.
To keep fighting food waste and hunger, we have to adhere to strict food safety guidelines and we cannot reuse the boxes.

Ice packs

Why? When temps rise, we’ll place an ice pack in your harvest. We do this because produce is sensitive to temperature and doesn’t like environmental changes! We pack our boxes in a 50 degree room, so we put the ice packs in there to keep the produce cool and fresh. We’ll do our best to ensure temps remain consistent for your beautiful fruits and veggies. We'll also include the ice pack if you have a perishable add on (ie: eggs or dairy) in your harvest.
What’s it made of? They’re filled with non-toxic, water-based gel. The outer layer is made of plastic.
What do I do with it? Save ‘em in your freezer or store them at room temp for later use. If you’d rather get rid of them, you can actually recycle them at your local municipal drop-off center. Simply cut the corner of the pack, drain the non-toxic gel into the garbage and drop them off at your local recycling center.

Crinkle paper

Why? This paper keeps the produce from falling all over each other. You won't have to wonder what happens when there are grapes and a butternut squash in your harvest. We need to protect the little guys, too! Plus, the crinkle paper helps absorb moisture from the ice packs.
What’s it made of? A combination that uses post consumer recycled material.
What do I do with it? Place in your curbside recycling bin!

Plastic bags

Why? Because certain items, such as arugula or green beans, are fragile and will arrive damaged if we pack them loosely! We only bag or encase items that 100% need it.
What’s it made of? You guessed it, plastic!
What do I do with it? Reuse them or place in recycling :)