Ungraded Produce and Hungry Harvest, the original pioneers in food waste-fighting produce delivery, are joining forces and merging

If you’re an Ungraded customer, what’s that mean for you?


Starting this weekend, Hungry Harvest will be sourcing, packing and delivering your produce. This means you'll still be supporting the exact same mission to end food waste and hunger as you are with Ungraded. You’ll see the same delivery drivers and Ungraded's President Courtney Bell will still be engaged in helping to push the work forward alongside Hungry Harvest. 

We offer a selection of fully customizable and organic produce boxes, and you will have access to a full marketplace of produce and non-produce add on items each week! 

To get you started with those new features, we’re offering a $5 credit towards customization or add on items from our  Marketplace. Just use promo code UNGRADED when you wrap up your order. If you have any trouble with setting up customization, you can get the skinny right over here

Make sure you don't miss a delivery!

Ungraded has already done your initial setup in our system. Here's all you need to do to complete the setup of your account:


To receive your delivery this weekend, make sure to update your information no later than noon on Thursday, June 27th.


Choosing your Harvest

Hungry Harvest offers a slightly different variety of boxes than Ungraded, so we’ve made some recommendations below about which Harvest might be right for you - these are based on contents, weight and pricing. Just like with Ungraded, you can mix and match multiple boxes and you can always use the customization feature to make the Harvest that best fits your needs!


Putting the Final Touches on Your Account

To finish up your account and get everything set for your next delivery, just click the Set Up Account button and follow the instructions below to create your new password, pick a harvest and add your credit card info.

Enter the email connected to your Ungraded account

Check your email and click the link to set your password


Enter your password and click submit


Pick Your Harvest


Choose your delivery preferences & click Checkout

Click Payment Info to enter your Credit Card details


Enter your Credit Card details securely

Once you save those changes, you're all set. Your Harvest will be scheduled and you'll be ready to roll. You can always click Upcoming Deliveries in your account area to confirm the deliveries are scheduled.

What’s this all mean for the mission?

A word from Ungraded Produce President, Courtney Bell

I am so incredibly proud of the work we have done together at Ungraded. We’ve recovered 192,000 pounds of produce and donated 78,300 pounds more. That's huge. But I knew we could do more. At the core, what matters most to me is making sure this mission continues to grow in reach and impact. I knew the best way I could help make that happen would be to invite Hungry Harvest, friends I admire and trust, to join forces in order to take the work we’ve started at Ungraded to another level. 

They've been doing this work since 2014, have rescued over 15 million pounds of food, and donated or subsidized over 1 million pounds to hunger-solving programs and organizations like Inter-Faith Food Shuttle. I chose them because I’m 100% certain that they not only will help our impact grow, but they will absolutely provide an amazing experience for you. 

We're stronger together.

Whether you just signed up or have been with us since our first delivery in September 2016, I want to thank you so much for supporting Ungraded and joining me on this journey. I truly believe that we are making a difference with each and every delivery. While it’s bittersweet for me to send this message, I am positive that it’s the right move. This is just the beginning of our next great chapter in the fight against food waste and hunger! 

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance transitioning over to Hungry Harvest! I know you all are going to love it! 

Onward and Upward,

Courtney Bell
President, Ungraded Produce