Our FB Live Video with Ugly Fruit and Veg!

Hey Harvest Heroes!

We teamed up with Jordan from the Ugly Fruit and Veg campaign and hosted a live Facebook event together! Check out the video below as well some of useful, valuable resources mentioned by Jordan and Kevin (our Director of Farm Food).


Important resources for ya:

The "Save The Food" hacks Jordan mentioned are here and recipes are here!

Encourage your local grocer to sell recovered produce using this toolkit and check out Jordan's site here (it's got lots of interesting info and you can see some pretty ugly photos there, too).

Check out our useful produce storage guide and fridge storage guide.


And remember, #LoveWillWin!

And remember, #LoveWillWin!

About Jordan: He heads up the Ugly Fruit and Veg campaign! Among thousands of other things, he's been able to help petition Whole Foods and Walmart to start selling ugly produce! 

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