5 Ways to Enjoy Lychee Fruit

Welcome to the world of lychee fruit! This week, our mixed harvests came with half a pound of these lil tropical sweets. Lychee fruits are delicious to eat raw, but you can also get crafty and eat 'em up in a variety of different ways. We surveyed some of our most talented heroes to see how they'll be enjoying their lychees this week! PS - you can tell they're ripe when they're soft to the touch :)

1. Eat 'em raw! Lychee fruits make for tasty snacks, perfect for work breaks or some sweetness post-dinner. Here's a video with instructions on how to peel and eat lychees! Don't eat the skin or seed!!

2. Peel, de-seed and freeze them! Once they're frozen, they'll taste like sorbet. Who said ice cream couldn't be healthy?! 

3. For our 21 year old and over heroes, juice 'em and mix with vodka for a fancy martini. We won't judge ;). They also make for a fantastic substitute for olives in cocktails!

4. Peel and mix them in a fruit salad! Perfect way to eat up your mangos and grapefruit this week. Not to mention, an even more perfect way to pretend like it's not 15 degrees outside!

5. Feeling fancy? Impress your loved ones by whipping up a lychee-coconut sorbet! Here's an Epicurious recipe detailing the steps :)

How are you enjoying your lychees this week?! Comment below :)

Jamie NorwoodComment