Happy Earth Day 🌏

Here at Hungry Harvest, we like to think that every day is Earth Day! But we know that the actual holiday only comes once a year, April 22nd.

To celebrate Earth Day this year, we are partnering with some of the greatest hunger-relief initiatives in the mid-Atlantic to rescue even more produce from going to waste.

This Earth Day season, when your friends sign up with code EARTHDAY, we'll donate 1 pound of extra fruits and veggies to your local hunger-relief program! Plus they will save 25% on their first harvest.

Wondering what recovered produce has to do with Earth Day? Well, when food ends up in a landfill, it releases greenhouse gases and wastes limited resources, like water, petroleum, and land. Each Hungry Harvest box you receive contains 7 to 25 pounds of produce that would have otherwise gone to waste, meaning your fighting climate change with each bite of that apple!

Get involved. This Earth Day, share the word with all your friends. Tell your neighbors, share this on social media, or even gift a harvest to your loved ones. Together, we will fight food waste and end hunger.

Happy Earth Day! 

Evan Lutz1 Comment