The Power of Positive Food & Positive Thinking


Positive Mindset. It’s a phrase we have all heard so many times, right? “All you need is a change in mindset” or “Keep a positive mindset.”

For a long time, I didn’t know what it meant to “change my mindset.”  But let me tell you, making the change was one of the single best things I could have done for the success of my business and my mental health.

But a change like that didn’t happen overnight. Here are a few tips to remember for your own journey:


Fuel Right.

Believe it or not, nutrition can have a huge impact on your state of mind. Phytonutritients from fruits and vegetables can help to clear free radicals from the body and decrease inflammation which helps you to feel better. Foods high in Vitamin C like bell peppers, strawberries and kale support a healthy immune system to keep you well. Of course, these health benefits are amplified in the presence of a well-balanced diet rich in the right fats, proteins and starches. Implementing tools that keep your kitchen stocked is essential. For me, my weekly Hungry Harvest delivery keeps me on point and eliminates the stress of keeping up with fresh produce.

Cauliflower Crust Strawberry and Microgreen Salad.jpeg

Don’t allow it.

Whenever you hear yourself say something negative, stop and force yourself to say something positive. Because the struggle against negativity is real and it is an everyday effort.

For example, last week I hadn’t been to the gym in a few days and I wasn’t feeling like my normal, vibrant self. It was easy to feel disappointed and lazy. But NO. I reminded myself that I am a strong, hardworking woman and business owner who juggles a lot. So, instead, I finished up what I was working on, went to the gym right then, and read through work items on the treadmill. It was SOMETHING. And I praised myself for it.

Shed the dead weight.

People survive in groups. So, when you make a new goal – whether you want to sell essential oils or lose 5 lbs, you have to realize, your current close-knit group may not be in the same mental state of change you are. Instead, when you bring your veggie-loaded lunch to work, they may poke fun. When you wear your essential oil necklace, they may state they don’t like the scent. WHATEVER. I remember when I first spoke about starting my business, some of my friends wouldn’t even acknowledge it. They aren’t the friends for you. Find a group that is all about supporting you on your journey to becoming a better person. You are the sum of the 5-10 people you surround yourself with. Choose wisely.


Be realistic.

Define a goal that is attainable – not impossible. Trust me, I’ve often fantasized about what it would be like to be 5’10’’ and strut down the runway as a Victoria’s Secret model. However, I’m 5’2’’. So if I set that as my goal, it’s going to be pretty difficult to achieve. Instead, I created a dream goal with multiple little goals to get there. [not becoming a model unfortunately]


Love Yourself.

This is a hard one. Own who you are and where you come from. Every freckle, every gray hair, every scar. It’s part of your story and it’s how YOU became YOU.

In 2019, it’s one of the only things in this life that is uniquely yours. Embrace it.

I know what you’re thinking. Changing a mindset is HARD. Yes, it is. It is SO much easier to focus on the negative stuff, right? That’s why we need to find ways to quiet those voices.


After working in medicine for 10 years as a physician assistant in the hospital setting, I saw first hard the impact that poor nutrition could have on wellness. I created a goal to educate individuals on practical approaches to nutrition and sort through the misinformation online. I knew this would change people’s lives and help bridge the gap between the hospital and the home kitchen. I enrolled in a culinary medicine certification program and watched every legitimate webinar I could find online. I focused on public speaking, building my social media platform, and creating online episodes with my business, Eat Your Way to Wellness.

One day at the beginning of my business, and after one of my first public speaking engagements, I was at home beating myself up about my performance. I don’t recall exactly what it was, but I remember being so upset with how I answered one of the attendee questions. You know how that goes, you focus on what you could have done better instead of what you did well. I remember questioning why I hadn’t been more detailed in my response so she knew I knew my stuff. No one said these inner dialogues were logical! So, there I am making myself feel totally horrible and convincing myself that I am inept and would never be invited back for another presentation.  

And then, it hit me. Did I try my hardest? YES. Did I prepare to best of my ability? YES. Had I rehearsed it until I was fluent backwards and forwards. YES and YES. So WHY was I making myself feel so small? So inadequate?? And so much like a failure??? If I had heard someone saying that to another person, would I have accepted it? If someone else was saying it to ME, would I have agreed with them? NO WAY. I would have stood up for myself. And right then, with grace and candor, I told my inner self to ZIP IT.

That’s a positive mindset, people. Making a conscious effort to remind yourself that you are AWESOME. You are CAPABLE. You are DRIVEN.  All of the experiences and opportunities provided to you are stepping stones to the next, better, opportunity. All of the hard work and preparation will continue to propel us closer to our end goals. That day after I closed down my pity party, I emailed the contact who had set up the presentation. I let her know how much I enjoyed myself and how grateful I was for the opportunity. In reality, I was so nervous that I had sweat through my shirt and was thankful for my blazer. Fast forward, the response I received was GLOWING! I mean truly spectacular! The group was so happy with the presentation and grateful I took time to stay answer questions. They were grateful!! FOR ME.

The point of the story I fabricated - the negative, self-loathing story that I was a failure at my business and would never be invited back - was total BS. By staying closed off and in your negative bubble, you cannot create new opportunities. By telling yourself you aren’t worthy of MORE, you will never open the door to it. In fact, I have been invited back three times to that same multi-national company over the past year. I have even received a connection to an author who quoted me in a national publication. It was all from that one talk. Now, I am asked to contribute to morning talk shows, be a guest on international podcasts, and speak at conventions and expos. I have also been a guest expert on QVC multiple times. Take that, negative thinking.

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