Happy New Year!


This New Year we’re welcoming 2019 like we welcome all our rescued produce - with hearts full of compassion & radical acceptance.

At a time when there is a heightened sense of presenting your best self for all of the world to critique and comment, far too often we are our own worst critic, rarely taking the time to acknowledge that for the most part, we’re pretty good already.

It’s funny to think that we can overlook these imperfections in the produce that we buy, knowing that a funny looking tomato tastes as delicious as a perfect looking one, but we can’t seem to express that same sort of grace with ourselves. What is up with that?

This January, we seek to change all that nonsense.

Here’s how:

Accept the reality of where we are right now.

This carrot doesn’t worry about being perfect.
It just grows. Let’s be like the carrot. No matter what we look like or where we are on our journey towards balance and overall wellness, we’re still all good. It's not about reinventing ourselves - but rather accepting who we are right now, so we can begin to evolve.

Give ourselves a break.

The pea knows spots won’t change its taste.
Just like a freckle won’t change your personality.
This New Year, make peas with yourself. Beating ourselves up never helps. Instead, let’s look for what's good about the work we do & the way we live each day. Finding small ways to recognize what's already good and then make it even better.


Celebrate the power of the simple.

Sometimes the simplest ingredients yield the tastiest results. Embrace your humble potato. When we go back to the basics, we find that even the most ordinary of objectives can still be useful & important. Small steps (like where you buy your produce) help to make long lasting sustainable change instead of flashy big unrealistic or unattainable goals.


Dream of the bigger picture.

Asparagus always focuses on the big picture. It knows that true growth is worth the wait. Growers of asparagus know that it takes a few years for a crop to actually be ready for eating, but once it is established it will grow bigger and stronger in the same spot for decades to come. Just like the asparagus, it is good to remember that patience and perseverance play a big role in wellness. When we share our stories about hurdles we have overcome, conflicts we have endured, and obstacles we have turned into advantages we can connect on a greater level. The idea is to focus on long term wellness . . . not quick fixes.

Healthy eating is a strong foundation for a healthy body.

When grown together - squash, beans & corn thrive.
The squash helps prevent weeds from growing, the beans provide nitrogen to the soil & corn acts as a support for the beans. Just like these veggies, we grow healthier when we surround ourselves with the right stuff. If you're already eating well - awesome. If not, it’s any easy place to start. Adding more fresh fruits & veggies to your meals each day can really make a big difference in how you feel overall.

Over the course of the next month, we invite you to join us on Facebook & Instagram, where we’ll keep the good vibes rolling with positive ways to embrace the New Year from some of our favorite guest bloggers, new giveaways that promote a healthy whole person lifestyle (including free boxes of produce!), and most importantly, we’ll focus on the positive aspects of ourselves and the food we put in our bodies.

Here’s to making this New Year a good one.

Laura DeVitoComment