Semi-Homemade with Stacy: Trick your Children

Well, what if you're just not that into cooking? Or eating perfectly healthy for that matter? Welcome to Semi-Homemade with Stacy! I'm Stacy, our Director of Partnerships and an avid believer that there are plenty of ways to sneak fresh fruits and veggies into your comfort food. That's why I'm sharing my favorite produce cheats on my new weekly column. Read on, heroes!

Surprise veggies! Healthify your little one's mac.

If your kids (or you, no judgement!) “hate” vegetables, and you just need to get the crew fed before practice?  Chop up a head of broccoli, or sugar snap peas and add it to the mac & cheese you know they’ll eat. The cheese sauce coats the green, and adds a pleasant crunch to the dish.  Still only one pan to clean, and one more vegetable used up.

So are you up for the challenge? I'll be posting a new semi-homemade tip every Thursday. Stay tuned.

Stacy Carroll2 Comments