Produce Storage Guide

Here's the updated storage guide!! Oh, and here's the PDF in color and here's one that's slightly optimized for black & white printers. Download it, print it out, and hang it on your fridge! :)

We heard your feedback on Facebook! Here's what we changed:

  1. We changed the symbol to little a little pantry/cupboard icon :)
  2. We made an additional version that's more suitable for black and white printers.
  3. We added a few tips (many came from heroes like you!), such as how to store basil.
  4. We noted that these are guidelines and that you should trust your senses as well!
  5. We fixed text and coloration details!

What's in Store!

  1. We're working on a potential fridge magnet!
  2. Hacks, recipes, and other tips are coming soon in a different form ;)

Thanks, Heroes!

Ritesh Gupta5 Comments