Semi-Homemade with Stacy: Taco Tuesday turned Healthy

Well, what if you're just not that into cooking? Or eating perfectly healthy for that matter? Welcome to Semi-Homemade with Stacy! I'm Stacy, our Director of Partnerships and an avid believer that there are plenty of ways to sneak fresh fruits and veggies into your comfort food. That's why I'm sharing my favorite produce cheats on my new weekly column. Read on, heroes!

Sneak veggies into your tacos with two easy steps.

Taco Tuesday! Man… that’s a lot of prep though – but not if you’ve got a crock pot and a couple hours to ignore it.  Rough chop a pepper or two and throw it in with your favorite seasoning and meat or beans, and the flavors will infuse all day.  Use your greens as a low cab “taco shell” or chop up those leafy greens and add to a tortilla.  Don’t forget to mash up a recovered avocado. This guac… does not cost extra. 

So are you up for the challenge? I'll be posting a new semi-homemade tip every week. Stay tuned.

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