Semi-Homemade with Stacy: Breakfast has never been so easy

Well, what if you're just not that into cooking? Or eating perfectly healthy for that matter? Welcome to Semi-Homemade with Stacy! I'm Stacy, our Director of Partnerships and an avid believer that there are plenty of ways to sneak fresh fruits and veggies into your comfort food. That's why I'm sharing my favorite produce cheats on my new weekly column. Read on, heroes!

Make grab 'n' go breakfast for the week in just 30 minutes.

Breakfast is the most skipped meal of the day, and another five minutes in bed might seem worth the grumbly tummy.  However, with just 30 min prep on a Sunday night, you can have enough for the week.  Slice up a potato or two and lay it down on a greased glass baking dish, add rough chopped vegetables on top and cover with egg custard (literally 12 eggs, and half a can of coconut milk or really any kind of milk beaten together).  Bake in the oven on 375 for 40 minutes and you’ve got a casserole that’s super easy for a grab & go morning.  

Stacy Carroll2 Comments