When 125 billion pounds of food go to waste in the United States each year, so do all the precious resources used to grow, wash and transport that food. This waste accounts for 14% of all US water consumption and 176 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

That's equivalent to the emissions from driving a car 431 billion miles. All spent growing perfectly good produce that goes uneaten.

Together, we're changing that. Every harvest delivery saves at least 10 pounds of produce from going to waste and every pound of that produce reduces water waste, greenhouse gas emissions, and our dependency on oil:



Since we opened our doors in 2014, together we've rescued over 8 million pounds of produce - reducing 376 million gallons of water waste and 2300 cars-worth of greenhouse gas emissions! Thank you for helping us make a difference!



In addition to the environmental impact of rescuing produce, we also use recyclable packaging and keep sustainability top of mind as we look to improve all of our packaging options. We’re always testing and finding the most sustainable and effective solutions. Learn more here.